Go Wild Activities

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  • Hen makes fire

  • Hens learn archery

  • Archery tag

  • Spoon making



19 Sept                 Wild food foray with Adrian Boots

21/22 Sept            Dry stone walling with Kevin Toal

16 Oct                   Wild & untamed flower arranging with Carolyn (Callie) Marks

19 Oct                   Wild booze with Adrian Boots

27 Oct                   Fungi foray with Adrian Boots

6 Nov                    Autumn heart & wreath with Callie Marks

9 Nov                    Fungi foray with Adrian Boots

4 Dec                    Christmas wreath with Callie Marks

11 Dec                  Christmas arrangement with Callie Marks

25 Jan                   Intro to hedge laying with Kevin Toal

Jan/Feb                Orchard management with Les Davies MBE

Mar 20                  Tree and woodland planting

2020                     Go Wild landscape series talks & walks with Adrian Boots & Les Davies MBE



If you have a group you can book any of our activities at a time/date to suit you, subject to availability, and we can tailor any aspect of the activity to suit you. For example:

  • A team activity for a herbal tea company for over 100 people involved a wild food foray, fire-lighting, with 8 teams, each creating a unique tea with their foraged ingredients.
  • A family event to celebrate dad's 50th and his daughter's 30th. The whole family (from children aged 8 years) came to our activity centre and did a 'Go Wild' event. It was a unique way to celebrate, as a family, and do something completely different. 
  • Go Wild
  • Wild Food Foray
  • Camp-fire craft
  • Somerset Cider & Cheese
  • Wild Walk
  • Archery
  • Bush craft expedition day
  • Overnight wild camp
  • Wild Camping Skills
Go Wild activities
Go Wild activties

Go Wild

Great for a team day, stag or hen party, family birthday or get-together.

Go Wild is fun for everyone! You can go for it in a competitive style, or just focus on the activities and get really into your 'inner hunter-gatherer!'

  • We start with a wild food foray where you will learn about the wild food that you can eat and how to collect the
  • The bush tucker trial is a chance for you to close your eyes and 'feel' what you are eating!
  • You will learn to make fire without matches and enjoy the huge satisfaction of creating a glowing tinder bundle to set up your fire.
  • Lastly you will learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow, and have a bush bow archery competition! 


Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Teams, Hens, Stags, Families, Children over 8 years

Wild Food Foray - Open your eyes to the wild food all around you!

From luscious wild garlic in the spring to fabulous funghi in the autumn, let us teach you how to find abundance in every season!

  • Discover how to forage safely and within the law
  • Learn more about where to look for wild foods, the correct habitat, season - the 'where, when and how' of foraging
  • Get to taste a range of seasonal wild foods
  • There is always an abundance of wild food if you know what you are looking for

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for: Teams, Hens, Stags, Families, Children over 8 years

Wild food tasting
Wild strawberries
Wild food mushrooms
Wild food tasting
Adrian Boots
Adrian fire-making
Hens make fire
Stags cook by campfire

Camp-fire craft

Get ready for that wild camping trip with basic bush craft skills for around the camp fire!

For the fire-lighting challenge you will learn to make fire without matches, the aim here is for everyone to achieve a flaming bundle of hay, it’s quite an experience and a bit harder than Ray Mears makes it look!

We guarantee you will have a great sense of achievement when you make fire for the first time.

  • Learn more about the different ways of building, managing and using a camp fire
  • Discover how to find the various tinders and resources you can use to build your fire
  • Make fire without matches
  • You'll end this activity with home-made bannocks cooked over the fire! 


Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Teams, Hens, Stags, Families, Children over 8 years

Somerset Cider & Cheese

Welcome to the West Country!

This activity will teach you all you need to know about Somerset's finest.

This top-rated activity continues to be one of the most popular, with Adrian recounting stories of his time as a farm conservation adviser and the many mugs of cider he tasted on Somerset farms! 

More than just a few sips of cider, you won't believe how much fun and entertainment you can have :)

  • In our Cider & Cheese tasting activity you will learn about tasting, orchards and cider making, with lots of fun stories and interaction.
  • You will try 5-6 different top quality varieties of West Country cider along with 3 West Country cheeses with crackers.
  • You'll discover that if you drink too much cider you'll get 'Somerset Cider Leg', and hear a few other Cider Stories, oooh, aaaarh!
  • Optional gift for someone special whether a bride to be, top sales person or birthday gift. 


Duration: Approximately 2 hours. 

Suitable for: Teams, Stags, Hens, Families (children served apple juices)

Wild Walk

Take a walk on the wild side.

Learn about the history, mystery, myth and magic of the landscape! In this unforgettable walk you will learn about the history of the landscape, archaeology, geology, farming, ecology and more. Open your eyes to the landscape around you with this fascinating trip through the ages.

  • Landscape ecology of the Mendip Hills
  • The history of the Mendip Hills & how they came to be formed
  • The geology underlying the hills and how this influences the soil and flora
  • The Inclosure Act and the changes to a managed landscape
  • Farming on the Mendips


Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Teams, Adults, Children within a family private group booking


Archery class

Competitive? You'll love the challenge of learning the ancient art of archery

Using recurve bows, arrows & targets, this activity will take you from zero to hero! 

Once you have mastered the skills, it's full-on competition to see who wins with lots of fun games!

This incredibly popular activity is fantastic fun and works well with small and large groups alike, in addition to our open courses where anyone can come along. Archery is a brilliant activity, very competitive and lots of fun. 

  • How to hold your bow and load arrows correctly
  • Developing the right shooting stance, including body position and arm position
  • Aiming correctly and hitting the target accurately
  • Fun games to compete within your group!


Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Teams, Stags, Hens, Families (children minimum age 8yrs)

Bush craft expedition day

This full day of bushcraft activity starts with a hike across the Mendip Hills, learning about wild food along the way and discussing the natural history and archaeology of the Mendip Hills.

The Mendips are one of the most ancient and interesting areas of England with the very earliest evidence of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

  • On arrival at our woodland camp you will put up your shelter and learn to make fire without matches.
  • Once the fire is roaring you will make your first brew over a real camp fire.
  • Your next activity is to learn game preparation, we normally have fresh trout from Blagdon lake (host to many world championship fishing competitions!), which you will cook over the camp fire.
  • Around lunch we have a whittling session where you will make a spoon or other item.
  • Our last activity is a bush bow archery session where you will learn to shoot.
  • At the end of the day, you will walk back down the hill and enjoy a well-earned pint at the local pub before heading home, a fully-fledged team of hunter-gatherers! 


Duration: Full day 10am to 4pm

Suitable for: Teams, Stags, Hens, Families (shorter expedition route for children, min age 8, can easily be adapted for a private family group booking)

Overnight wild camp

See the landscape through the eyes of our hunter gatherer ancestors! On the way to the woods you will collect items you will need in the wild camp…

In the wild camp experience:

  • You will collect tinder & learn to light fire without matches, before making your first brew of tea over the wild camp fire
  • The next task is to build a shelter suitable to sleep out in overnight (with a few home comforts to keep you comfy & dry!)
  • We will prpare and cook an evening meal over the camp fire using local & foraged ingredients – perhaps a Hunter’s Stew?!
  • Carving and whittling for all to create something to take home from the expedition!
  • Stories around the camp fire
  • After a good night’s sleep, we will make breakfast over the camp fire before breaking camp and heading home!


Duration: 2pm to 10am

Suitable for: Teams, Stags, Hens, Families 

Wild Camping Skills

This wild camping skills activity will help you to be prepared for a wild camping experience!

In a safe environment you will learn all about how to organise & enjoy a wild camp.

  • Finding the right place to wild camp
  • Travelling light!
  • Setting up your tent & making yourself comfortable
  • Wild food, fire-lighting & camp fire cooking
  • Leaving no trace


Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Adults, Families with or without children